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Book Parking in Rome from € 10.00 during the day, a few meters from the Metro stops A.

Parking +39066629838  Mobile +393493515455  

The parking boccea car is in a nearby location to the Vatican and 50 meters from the Metro "A" Cornelia. The activities carried out by car, bike valet parking, suv, since 1970. In addition to the car park we also offer a cleaning service hand-finished with wax, cars, motorcycles and SUVs. Upholstery cleaning and sterilization.
We have agreements with companies enabled the collection of hazardous waste, in compliance with regulations to protect the environment. Work with us special enterprises, rescue with Wrecker, and body builders.
We also carry out auditing services.
How to reach us:
From the GRA (GRA) exit at Boccea - Rome Central and continue until Largo Boccea, turn left on Via Domenico Tardini 19 / 23e.
From the GRA (GRA) take exit n ° 1 Aurelia - Vatican City, head towards Centro, Piazza Irnerio, turn left on Via Boccea, on for about 500 meters and you will find us in via Domenico Tardini 19 / 23e.

open from 06.00 h to 01.30 h at night, holidays closed from 10.30 h to 18.00 h



outside green belt, LTZ beltline, ZTL city center  

Parking prices hourly / daily or monthly

auto piccola € 2,50

auto piccola € 2,50

Disponibilità immediata
€ 2.50 Aggiungi
auto media € 3,00

auto media € 3,00

Disponibilità immediata
€ 3.00 Aggiungi
auto grande € 4,00

auto grande € 4,00

Disponibilità immediata
€ 4.00 Aggiungi
auto lux € 5,00

auto lux € 5,00

Disponibilità limitata
€ 5.00 Aggiungi
Parking book is the web page that allows you to book your parking space by breaks of any permanence. The web portal are available more than 350 seats, distributed between the metro station cornelia, metro Aurelia valley, cipro metro station to the Vatican City and central areas of Rome, with the aim to make it easier and faster to find parking for your vehicle.

Parking book intends to revolutionize the parking industry with its web portal and be the marketplace of reference of the parking lots of all Rome. Parking Book with the procedure is very simple: look on the site the address you want to park and the search engine will show you the nearest car parks and facilities; this way you'll only have to pay online and your reservation will be made.
parcheggio da €2,50 prima ora,
sconti per abbonamenti mensili,
parcheggio custodito.
prenotazione online, auto moto, scooter.
apero dalle h 06,20 all'01,00 di notte
domenica e festivi chiuso dalle h10,30 alle h 18,00
autorimessa effeffe via luigi rizzo, 90 Roma
tel 0639720014
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